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    Financing Advisory

    Nikigostar Investment Advisor provides firms with advisory services on different financing methods and manages the whole financing process. It helps firms to select the most appropriate financing method, models modern financing methods based on their assets and liabilities, and manages financing operation using expertise and knowledge and the conditions and requirements of firms.
    Nikigostar may provide companies and firms with extensive financing services through the following instruments in capital market:

    • • Debt Securities
    • • Equity Securities
    • • Establishment and Operation of Project Funds
    • • Establishment and Operation of Real Estate Funds
    • • International Financing


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    Investment Advisory

    Nikigostar Investment Advisor uses various asset management techniques to provide a set of professional services to its customers:

    • • Fund Management
    • • Portfolio Management
    • • Valuation Services
    • • Due Diligence
    • • Transactions
    • • Business Development


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    Listing Advisory

    Nikigostar may provide the applicants with extensive services on listing in mentioned markets. The services are as follows:

    • Preparation of companies for listing in Tehran stock exchange or Iran Farabourse
    • Listing in Tehran stock exchange or Iran Farabourse
    • Corporate governance services
    • • Listing companies in international financial markets

    Nikigostar has the experience and background of preparing companies for listing in international capital markets. To do this, it provides extensive services on examining and selecting target market, measuring company status, determining regulatory gaps between company statuses and listing requirements in each stock exchange, designing an action plan to achieve listing criteria, and negotiating with international advisors and other required measures.


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    Funds' Compliance Services

    The compliant body of a fund who is investor rights' preserver, is responsible for continuous supervision of fund's executive bodies' performance and controlling fund incomes and payments and cash inflows and outflows. Compliant bodies' activities vary as far as fund type, articles of association, and prospectus. Nikigostar is ready to play the role of compliant body in the following funds:

    • Exchange-traded Funds (ETFs)
    • Equity funds
    • Fixed-income funds
    • Real estate funds
    • Charity funds
    • Market maker funds
    • Project funds


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    Business Matchmaking

    Nikigostar tries to identify, select, and introduce proper business partners through its extensive communications at national and international levels, identification of needs and market of products and services of companies and project owners. Nikigostar identifies foreign investors in different industries who intend to make short- and/or long-term investments in Iran and introduces them to investable projects after negotiating and holding meetings with owners and financiers. Considering Nikigostar's distinguished status in Iran's Capital Market, this company is a reference for different companies and provides any required services for them.


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    Professional Training and Researches

    Nikigostar Investment Advisor designs its training courses using knowledge of the most prominent professors in proportion to the modern needs and on the fields required by investors and companies. The courses are designed and held according to the knowledge of participants with varied objectives in a complete technical, interactive and operational manner in two types of Public Courses and Dedicated to a Customer Courses (In-House).
    Nikigostar has already held the following training courses and it is prepared to hold them now:

    • Introduction to financing instruments in capital market
    • Techno-fundamental and technical analysis- Advanced level
    • Financial management for non-financial managers
    • Analysis of legal clients with a credit approach
    • Risk management
    • Liquidity management



  • Professional and Educational Records of Analysts and Experts- Portfolio Management Department

    Portfolio Manager

    Hanieh Hekmat

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    Portfolio Analyst

    Soudabeh Bagherzadeh

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  • Services to provide

    As Nikigostar is licensed to provide portfolio management services, it offers asset management services including funds' management (which are regulated by Iran's Securities and Exchange Organization) and portfolio management services to investors. Regarding various risk-return expectations of different investors in capital market, Nikigostar manages investors' funds, besides providing advisory comments.
  • Scope of Responsibilities

    The scope of responsibilities, authorizations, and operation conditions of Nikigostar Investment Advisor in portfolio management field has been based on "Portfolio managers' establishment and performance directive" which is approved by Iran's Securities and Exchange Organization and the company has observed it completely.
  • Services Commission

    Portfolio management commissions requested by Nikigostar, will be aligned with Iran's Securities and Exchange Organization's regulations and an agreement with client.
  • Advisory on Different Securities

    With considering specific attributes of each client, if beneficial and aligned with the client's objectives, principles and constraints, the following securities will be added to his/her portfolio:

    • Tradable securities at Tehran Stock Exchange

    • Tradable securities at Iran Farabourse

    • Investment funds' unit

    • Tradable futures contracts at Tehran Stock Exchange

    • Certificates of cooperation (Islamic bonds), Sukuks, mortgage securities, and other authorized securities by Central Bank of Iran and Iran's Securities and Exchange Organization

    • Certificates of cooperation (Islamic bonds), Sukuks, mortgage securities, and other authorized securities by Central Bank of Iran and Iran's Securities and Exchange Organization

    • Local banks' saving accounts

  • Analysis and Valuation Methods, and Predicting the Price or Supply and Demand for Securities

    Nikigostar Investment Advisor benefits from its analysts' expertise and experiences in both fundamental and technical fields, and suggests appropriate securities, regarding the results of each investor's risk assessment questionnaire.
  • Major Databases

    The databases used in the analyses of company experts include major national data websites such as Tehran Securities Exchange, Iran Farabourse, Iran Mercantile Exchange, Iran Energy Exchange, Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture, the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Statistical Center of Iran, and other databases. Price trends of underlying assets in foreign commodities exchanges and global markets are considered in all analyses.
  • Conflict of Interest Control Policy

    As stated by Item 14 of "Portfolio managers' establishment and performance directive", customers' interests take priority in case of any conflict of interest between advisor and client. To control the conflict of interest between the portfolio manager or affiliates, or its employees and clients, Item 27 of the aforementioned directive will be considered.
  • Typical Contracts, Forms and Procedures



CEO Message

The year 1394 (March 2015-March 2016) was a turning point for Nikigostar Investment Advisor. Company's development plan was implemented aiming at providing better customer services, completing the value chain of investment funds, and providing a complete package of investment and financing services

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