Legal Environment

Investment Advisories act in Iran’s capital market based on specific rules and regulations, including the following ones:

  • Commercial Code;
  • Securities Market Act of the Islamic Republic of Iran;
  • The Law for Development of New Financial Instruments and Institutions in order to facilitate implementation of the constitutions article 44’s policies;
  • Anti-Money Laundering Low;
  • Social security, direct tax and value added tax rules;

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The following directives should be also followed by Investment Advisories in order to provide their services:

  • Investment advisories establishment and performance;
  • Financial institution recognition in capital market;
  • SEO’s typical articles of association;
  • Financial institution directors’ professional competency confirmation;
  • Financial institution’ capital adequacy;
  • Non-brokerage financial institution’ disciplinary directive;
  • Recording, relating and reporting directive of documents and information by people under supervision.


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The year 1394 (March 2015-March 2016) was a turning point for Nikigostar Investment Advisor. Company's development plan was implemented aiming at providing better customer services, completing the value chain of investment funds, and providing a complete package of investment and financing services

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