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Nikigostar has gained "Portfolio Management" license from Iran's Securities and Exchange Organization on 2013-10-30 and provides asset management services to its clients. Getting the mentioned license, Nikigostar has founded 3 funds, as follows, and plays the role of Fund Manager:

•  Nikigostaran Fund

 This fund started as an Equity Fund, but it has been changed to a Diversified Income Fund on 2015-11-24, getting the required license from   SEO.

• Sabanik Market Maker Fund

•  Niki Capital Development Fund

  This Fixed Income Fund's name changed on 2016-09-07 (Former name: Niki Group Development Fund)

Nikigostar Funds
Nikigostaran Fund

Nikigostaran Fund
• Fund's start date: 2014-02-16
• Type: Diversified Income Fund
• A combination of stocks and fixed income   bonds in fund's portfolio
• Regulated by SEO
• Constantly monitored by compliant bodies

Sabanik Fund

Sabanik Fund
• Fund's start date: 2015-08-02
• Type: Market Maker Fund
• Helps to enhance the stocks liquidity
  (stocks which are managed by Sabanik)
• Regulated by SEO
• Constantly monitored by compliant bodies

Tosee Niki Funds

Niki Capital Development Fund
• Fund's start date: 2016-04-05
• Type: Fixed Income Fund
• A combination of fixed income bonds,
  Islamic bonds, Sukuks and bank deposits
  in fund's portfolio
• Dividend reinvestment
• Regulated by SEO
• Constantly monitored by compliant bodies
• Estimated annual return: 22%



CEO Message

The year 1394 (March 2015-March 2016) was a turning point for Nikigostar Investment Advisor. Company's development plan was implemented aiming at providing better customer services, completing the value chain of investment funds, and providing a complete package of investment and financing services

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